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    The more observant may have notice a small change on the home page. The title question has been changed from “A new long distance walking trail?” to “A new long distance walk?”. This is because the intention was never to develop a new trail – in fact, one of the features of The Great South Coast Walk is that most of the trail infrastructure is already in place. The walk makes use of a network of smaller tracks and trails to create an experience of landscape, wildlife and culture. To complete the full length of The Great South Coast Walk, whether end-to-end or in stages is to make a spiritual journey. At least, that is what my wife and I felt after we finished the walk in 2004, and that is what this proposal is really about.

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The concept of a Great South Coast Walk has been endorsed by the following organisations:

Peak body for bushwalkers
in NSW and the ACT

Bushwalking Club

Shoalhaven Bushwalkers

Milton NPA
Sydney University
Bushwalking Club

Far South Coast
Branch NSW

ACT National Parks

Bushwalking Club

The Bush Club

Ramblers Club

Illawarra NPA

Light to Light