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    “Great South Coast Walk” is a tentative working name for this walk. While it is has a nice ring to it, it could be confused with the South Coast Track in Tasmania and the Great South West Walk in Victoria. Also, the epithet “great” has been pretty much flogged to death in walk titles – and many of them are not so great.

    I was originally hoping to find a name that reflected the aboriginal heritage of the region, but the walk passes through three language areas and 12 different cultural groups. My advice from local Land councils and people who know the language is that it might be difficult to find a name acceptable to all. The people I consulted are having a think about this.

    In the meanwhile, any sensible ideas for a name?

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The concept of a Great South Coast Walk has been endorsed by the following organisations:

Peak body for bushwalkers
in NSW and the ACT

Bushwalking Club

Shoalhaven Bushwalkers

Milton NPA
Sydney University
Bushwalking Club

Far South Coast
Branch NSW

ACT National Parks

Bushwalking Club

The Bush Club

Ramblers Club

Illawarra NPA

Light to Light